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What is Clash of the Cards?

A great family card game that launched on Kickstarter!


CLASH of the CARDS was launched on Kickstarter in February 2016. With the help of over 275 backers Clash of the Cards was made a reality!

This game was created to give families a reason to play together and actually have fun. We spent countless hours designing the game so that it would be fun for the whole family (think something the kids actually want to play, and parents also enjoy.)

What's in the Box?

A Quick How to Play!

Clash of the Cards is a high-speed, strategic battle card game in which you battle your opponents to steal their cards and create armies. To win each hand of this rummy-style game, you try collect 2 armies (an army is a set of 4). The first player to collect 2 armies wins the hand, and then all players get to count any completed army points. Keep playing hands until someone reaches 1,000 points.

To add to the fun, each card in the game can be harnessed in a variety of ways during the game. You can use special cards to defend your armies, walk away from a battle, slow down your opponents, or join battles you were not invited in order to increase your chance at winning cards which help you build your armies. Clash of the Cards allows you to set traps for other players and develop attack and defense strategies from your very first turn.



How can the spy card be used in battle?

The Spy card can be used to join a battle or initiate a battle. It is not used as a champion. To initiate a battle, on your turn play a spy card and state any number card you'd like to battle for. This allows you try to steal cards you may have seen another player win in a previous round. To join a battle you aren't already in, play a spy card before players reveal their champion cards and now you can compete as if you had cards at stake in the battle.

Can a Thief ask for any card?

Yes, but if the player doesn’t have the card you requested, then you wasted your turn.

What happens when all players in a battle except one play a castle card?

The player that did not play a castle will lose their champion, but get back the cards they placed in the prize pile.

Who wins if 2 players get 1,000 points?

If two players reach 1,000 points during the same hand, the player with the most points wins. If both players have the same number of points, the player to receive the most points in the final hand is the winner.

Do I still get to draw a card if I steal a bonus card?

Yes. When you steal a Bonus card, you also get to draw one card from the draw pile. Anytime a Bonus card is played or stolen a card is drawn.

If I initiate a battle to get rid of the Death card can I still lay down?

Yes. If you initiate a battle and at the end of the battle you have the required sets to lay down, it is still your turn and you can lay down to end the hand.

If I have 2 armies, do I have to lay down or can I try to get 3 or 4?

You do not have to lay down and can risk your armies to try and get more. If you play you’re cards right, you could even win the game in one hand.

Can I steal a Castle card with a Thief card?

You can try to steal any card with a Thief card, but if you attempt to steal a Castle card, the opposing player may decide to use the castle to stop you. Even though you are asking for the Castle, it doesn’t prevent the opposing player from using that card. In this case, both players would lose their cards as they cancel out. Probably better to try for another card.

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